e) March 2014 PCC Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of the Upper Nidderdale PCC on Wednesday 19th March 2014 at St Cuthbert’s Church, Pateley Bridge




Revd Darryl Hall, Sharelle Henderson, Eileen Bain Sue Beever, Daphne Clay, Kath Gill, John Hayton, John Hone, Paul Kirkbright, Margaret Mitchell, Barry Nuttall, Doreen Prince, Joan Ravilious, Jean Robinson, John Robson, Jenny Spruce, Julia Thompson and Peter Wright


  1. Apologies Katrina Brayshaw, Revd Philip Clarke, Gavin Lewis, Stephen Ramsden and Audrey Walker


  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 15th January 2013

The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Barry Nuttall, seconded by Sue Beever and were unanimously approved.


  1. Matters Arising

John said that the Outreach Group had suggested running a Family Day but were not going ahead with this at the moment.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

As Katrina was away Margaret said that all was well and not too much to report at this stage.


  1. Deanery Synod

There had not been a meeting but Barry informed the PCC that on 20th March there was going to be an open meeting at Holy Trinity, Ripon with Bishop James and Bishop Tony talking about the change to new diocese and seeking views and comments. 


  1. Reports from Organisations
  1. Church in the Dale

Darryl reported on HG1000. This year sees the launch of an ambitious project in the Harrogate area – which may serve as a model for other parts of the UK. The HG1000 campaign aims to draw the support of businesses, community groups, local politicians, media, churches and schools in reaching a target of giving 1,000 children hope for the future and 1,000 families in the developing world clean water – for life. Darryl is hoping to organize a talk in the future.

With regard to the Tour de France Darryl said that churches could put up a yellow bike and would then be included in a trail leaflet.

John Hayton mentioned that it was unfortunate that there was a clash of services, ie Greenhow and Wath. He felt that it would be good if there was diary co-ordination. Also Judy said that the Sunday Night Slot at St Cuthbert’s was on the same Sunday as Family Service and wondered if this would affect attendance of both.

John said following the success of Greenhow Quiz Night would it be viable to have PCC quizzes?


  1. Fundraising

Margaret reported on DID event which will take place on 13th June. Some work had gone into the organisation but she asked for confirmation that the event should go ahead. Each church had allocated one person to act as representative. This event will probably be more of a celebration of Darryl’s first year as vicar and as such it was agreed that it should be for church members. There was discussion on venue but it was felt that St Cuthbert’s would be best rather than the Memorial Hall although if there chairs, crockery and cutlery are all easily available. Arrangements will go ahead with a meeting of the representatives taking place after the APCM.


  1. Trip to Lindisfarne

Margaret had suggested to Darryl a parish trip to Lindisfarne and she hadmade enquiries regarding transport. The trip will take place on Saturday, 30th August at a cost of £10 per adult, £5 per child. A list for those interested will be placed in each church.


  1. Vision for Mission

Peter, Sue and Linsay are taking part in the Vision for Mission. Peter and Sue gave an enthusiastic talk on what the course involves saying it was exciting, challenging and invigorating. Harrogate is going to be the venue for The Vision for Mission Day Out on 14th June, and there will be lots of different activities which they encouraged the PCC and congregations to visit and take part. They also said they were organising an Easter Family Fun afternoon on 19th April. They thanked the PCC for the support. John Hayton said he felt that they should link up with the Outreach Group.


  1. Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Notice of the APCM had been sent out for display at each church. Electoral Roll forms had been placed in all churches and should be returned for Brian to add to the Roll. As Barry was resigning from the Deanery Synod, Peter and Helen Wright had offered to be our representatives. There will be the Annual Vestry Meeting (AVM) held prior to the APCM.


  1. Correspondence

There was no correspondence.


  1. Any Other Business

Peter Wright asked about Andy Ryland (Rural Officer for the Diocese) and disabled people having access to the countryside. Open Country is a Harrogate-based organisation that seeks to enable anyone with any disability to access the countryside.

Peter also wondered about meeting outside the church environment, such as in pubs.

Barry asked that support be given to The Friends of St Mary’s Coffee Morning on 5th April.

It was noted that all churches were obliged to check memorial stones and to please notify Darryl if any found to be unsafe. John said that his son Joseph did memorial stones.

Darryl reminded the meeting that the Bag2TheFuture collection will be on 31st March.


  1. Future Meetings

Wednesday 9th April Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Wednesday 7th May


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.10pm


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