February 2015

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 7.30pm on 11th February 2015 at St Cuthbert’s Church



Revd Darryl Hall          John Hayton                Sharelle Henderson                Margaret Mitchell

Eileen Bain                  Daphne Clay               Kath Gill                                   John Hone      

Barry Nuttall                Doreen Prince             Stephen Ramsden                  Jean Robinson           

Audrey Walker            Helen Wright               Peter Wright.                          


The meeting opened with prayer.


Apologies: Sue Beever, Revd David Hutchin, Paul Kirkbright, Gavin Lewis and Jenny Spruce  


Minutes of PCC Meeting 12th November 2014

The Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously accepted, proposed by Kath and seconded by Audrey.


Matters Arising – it was confirmed that the date for the joint service at Bewerley had been changed to 22nd November.


Any Other Business

  1. Quinquennialls and Pat
  2. Rain Forest Fund
  3. Eco-congregation


Treasurer and Finance Report

2014: Margaret reported that she was not able to give full details of the 2014 accounts yet as there were still a few anomalies to sort out. Some invoices had been missing for goods purchased, and she felt that savings could be made on postage and packaging for orders if some purchases were made annually.  She is meeting with Katrina to ensure everything is in order for the AGM. Fundraising during the year had been up but the income for Source is down. 

2015: Margaret said she was very grateful to the church treasurers for meeting and agreeing to increase their parish share by 2% and that Ramsgill had been able to pay the remaining £700 from last year’s share meaning contributions from all churches were met last year. Margaret felt that there should be no problem meeting this year’s share. The treasurers will meet again to discuss budget allocations for the current year.

Margaret said that the bank had advised going to electronic banking and also felt it unnecessary to have two signatures on cheques. Margaret proposed, Daphne seconded that electronic banking be set up, this was carried unanimously.

A grant of £750 had been received from the Diocese for youth service, this is distinct from educational budget. 


St Nicholas Fair

It was agreed the Fair had been very successful and was a good community event. There had been a few reasons why the late night shopping event was not on the same weekend as the Fair and it was agreed that this should on the first Saturday of December.

Darryl wished to extend a vote of thanks to everyone involved with the St Nicholas Fair and appreciated there was much work involved. He suggested that there could be a Christmas Tree Festival on the same weekend. It was agreed this was a good idea and something that could be discussed and organised at a later date.


Deanery Synod

Peter reported (on) that the meeting where the guest speaker was Father Dennis from the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield. Father Dennis. He said it had been a very interesting evening with an excellent meal. The Synod were hoping to visit the Community in August.

Darryl said that the meeting on 19th May will be held at St Cuthbert’s with a meal. It is hoped that there will be a discussion with a Christian, Jew and Muslim which he felt would be very interesting and he hoped that PCC members may be able to join them for the talk.



Barry had brought the question of fees paid to the bell ringers to the previous meeting. There had been a misunderstanding relating to the fees given to the bell ringers and Darryl proposed, Margaret seconded that £35 should again be given to the bell ringers, this was carried unanimously.

Barry said that the Statutory Fees had risen and asked that the fees set by the PCC be discussed. After much discussion it was agreed that the fees should not be risen at present but should be considered and discussed at the APCM.


Second Child Protection Officer

Darryl said that it had now become obvious that we should have a second Child Protection Officer. He said that Judy did a good job but it was necessary to have another person in post. He said that Linsay Pooley was keen to take on the role and that she and Judy will be carrying out courses on safeguarding plus health and safety. All persons who have to undertake the courses will be notified. The first course will take place on 15th April and will be run by the Diocese. Darryl emphasised that these safeguarding courses must be undertaken as it is bad practice not to do so and could mean the insurance is void.

Darryl proposed, John (Hone) seconded that Linsay Pooley be our second Child Protection Officer, this was carried unanimously.


Charity Coordinator

At the last meeting it had been agreed that it would be useful to have someone coordinating the charities. Darryl said that Peter had volunteered to do this and he felt he was the perfect person as he is passionate about charity. Although the PCC has recently not been in a position to give to charity the individual churches had given to many and varied charities. It was agreed that we should advertise all the different charities we help. Darryl proposed, Audrey seconded that Peter become Charity Coordinator, this was carried unanimously. Peter will collate the information received from the charities and return to the PCC with ideas and a plan of how we move forward with charity giving. Margaret suggested that we look at local, national and international.


Project Manager

This was not an agenda item but Darryl said he was delighted to report that Peter had volunteered to take on this important role. Peter will look at the fabric of all six churches and report to the PCC.

Darryl proposed that Peter become Parish Project Manager, Kath seconded and it was carried unanimously.


Reports from Organisations

  1. Youth and Schools – Linsay Pooley and Darryl had applied for the £400 from Church in the Dale for Fun Club which they were told should be available to re-apply for each year


First Aider

Audrey was making enquiries from Red Cross First Aider on what kind of course is needed and identify the people who need to take the course. She said it was hoped to share the course with the Methodists. She will find out the cost.


Any Other Business

  1. Lent leaflets from the Church in the Dale were handed out.
  2. Cranmer Hall are looking for accommodation for ordinands from 6th June to 19th June.
  3. Quinquennials and Pat Testing – Daphne had asked for this to be put on the Agenda as Wilsill were due to have their quinquennial. Each church must arrange their quinquennial but it was agreed that the Pat Testing could be done by the same electrician. Wardens were asked to inform the PCC when their quinquennials were due.
  4. Rain Forest Fund 100 churches to raise £100 each. Peter suggested that it be the PCC rather than each church that support this charity. This will be placed in the charity portfolio and discussed again after the APCM.
  5. Eco congregation – this too will be brought to a future meeting
  6. Secretary – Sharelle said she had asked a few people to replace her but so far without success. Darryl will mention it at church services and asked that everyone try to think of someone


Dates for Diary – PCC Meetings - 18th March and APCM 29th April 2015


Meeting closed at 9.15pm with prayer