d) January 2014 PCC Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of the Upper Nidderdale PCC on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at St Cuthbert’s Church, Pateley Bridge



Revd Darryl Hall, Katrina Brayshaw, Sharelle Henderson, Eileen Bain Sue Beever, Revd Philip Clarke, Daphne Clay, Kath Gill, John Hayton, John Hone, Revd David Hutchin, Margaret Mitchell, Celia Morris, Barry Nuttall, Doreen Prince, Stephen Ramsden, Joan Ravilious, Jean Robinson, John Robson, Jenny Spruce, Audrey Walker and Peter Wright


  1. Apologies Martin Imeson and Julia Thompson


  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 13th November, 2013

The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Kath Gill, seconded by Joan Ravilious and were unanimously approved. Philip wished to minute that he had sent his apologies for the previous meeting


  1. Matters Arising
  1. Potential Diocesan Reader – Darryl said that according to the wishes of the last meeting this had been opened up to the parish to explore all possibilities. Richard Pooley is organising a monthly act of worship on the third Sunday at 6.30pm at St Cuthbert’s. A Diocesan Vocations Advisor, the Reverend Peter Clement will be preaching at St Cuthbert’s on 23rd February and encouraging people to think about their vocation. Darryl has written a piece for Source.
  2. Confirmation Classes – Darryl confirmed that there are seven on the confirmation course and that the service will be a united one at St Cuthbert’s on 4th May led by Bishop James. Faith Confirmed will be used as a resource for the course.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Actual 2013

Expenditure was pretty much as forecast, at £6972, almost £300 up on 2012.

We were lucky with the income, at £7063. That was some £500 above budget due to a donation continuing for most of the year into the PCC account. That had not been anticipated. However, in spite of that, overall income was down on 2012, giving a small surplus of £91, compared to a surplus of £1421 in 2012. After paying the parish share, there was a decrease in balances at the end of December of £1645.

Budget 2014

Katrina said she had budgeted for an increase in expenditure for the current year, to a figure of £7800. There is not much room to reduce any of our regular costs. Ministry costs include printing costs of Flock and other publications, and there may be a way to reduce our overheads in this area, but that is the only chink of light!

The receipts look as if they will be less than 2013, as the PCC account is not receiving any donations at all, but there is an Inland Revenue refund of £210 due.

Source advertising and subscriptions are now static, Jean has done a splendid job with the advertisers but I feel we are at saturation point.

Budgeted expenditure is £1090 over budgeted income, and after helping with the parish share the PCC account is budgeted to be £2663 less than it was at the end of last December. That would mean a balance of funds for the PCC of just under £3000 at the end of this year. If that were indeed the case, then it would be extremely unlikely that the PCC account could help the churches with the parish share for 2015, which would mean quite a substantial increase being required from each church. It is therefore, imperative, in the coming year, that the individual church treasurers do all they can to maximise their income and to control their costs.

Finally, it goes without saying that we still need to hold a fair at Christmas!


Barry said he felt that the churches must fulfil their commitment to the Parish Share and that this should be the last year when the PCC helps with the payment.

Philip suggested that the Source distributors try to get more people to buy Source but it was felt that they do a good job and should not be asked to do more. It was proposed that a Welcome Pack be made for new people in the parish – a small working group could be formed to do this.



  1. St Nicholas Fair and Fundraising      

Following St Nicholas Fair comments were sought and a few ideas had been received. In his absence Martin sent in a few thoughts, past, present and future.

As St Nicholas Fair has always been the main fundraiser in the year as well as a community event, it was agreed that this should still take place, but needs an overall. It was felt that it was the same people organising and taking part in the Fair and that more people need to be involved.

Following the success of last year’s Charity Festival, John Hayton said that the Outreach Group had suggested running a Family Day which could also be a fundraiser. It was hoped to have a soft sell approach to encourage lots of people to get involved.

Celia suggested a sponsored event, perhaps walking around the parish but Doreen expressed some concerns about sponsorship.

Margaret said that she wondered about a meal with a difference. She suggested something like a Desert Island Disc (Darryl’s Idyllic Desires) with different people introducing Darryl and his choices. This type of event has proved to be successful and it was agreed that a small working group be formed with someone from each church being the contact to carry this forward.


  1. Deanery Synod

Barry reported that the last meeting was a three course meal with talks on vocation between courses, which he felt had been very successful. Bishop James has written an article that will appear in Source. Barry said he was resigning from the Deanery Synod and as secretary, as Celia has already resigned this will leave two places to be filled this year at the elections. 


  1. Reports from Organisations
  1. Church in the Dale

Darryl said the Steering Group/Ministers Together is meeting regularly. There will be a week of Prayer for Christian Unity that will be advertised on Flock, the week finishes with Songs of Praise at St Cuthbert’s on 26th January at 6.30pm.

The Lent Lunches have been organised, details will be in Source and on Flock.

Philip wished to advertise a new organisation set up by Esther Rantzen “Silver Line” which is especially for older people. He asked if details could be put in Source.

Audrey said that the Youth Team was hoping to raise the profile. She said that there was still a large lump sum available for youth work in the dale and this could be considered for Sunday school, Genesis and the choir.


  1. Correspondence

There was no correspondence.


  1. Any Other Business

Eileen said that the Confirmation Service on 4th May clashes with Up Dale Day at Middlesmoor and that the Bell Festival this year will be a week early on 7th June.


  1. Future Meetings

Wednesday 19th March

Wednesday 9th April Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Wednesday 7th May


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.50pm


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