January 2016










Rev Darryl Hall, Margaret Mitchell, John Hayton, Barry Nuttall, Kath Gill, Doreen Prince, Rev Philip Clarke, Eileen Bain, Rod Goodall, Jean Robinson, Daphne Clay, John Robson, Stephen Ramsden, John Hine, Stuart Hatton




Audrey Walker, Julia Thompson, Rev David Hutchin


1          Minutes of PCC 18 November 2015.  Proposed by Kath Gill and seconded by Jean Robinson.


2          Matters Arising


            a)         PCC secretary

Vacancy still exists.  Full job description available from Darryl.


b)         Lay Worship Leaders

John Hayton expressed concern regarding earlier problems and asked that we ensure candidates fully understand the scope/limit of their duties.  Gordon Murdoch and Jane Spooner were formally adopted at the meeting.  Proposed by Barry Nuttall, seconded by John Robson and approved unanimously by PCC.  Training will commence shortly.


c)         Legal Policy (Item 7, 18 November 2015)

Barry provided update on Policy.  Minor amendment made following last meeting.  First line amended to read ‘In the six Churches which comprise the Parish of Upper Nidderdale………etc’.  Copy of Policy setting out agreed Church Legacy Procedure available from Darryl or Barry.


d)         Mobile phone mast installation St Cuthbert’s Church tower

            Barry informed meeting the installer was awaiting go-ahead from provider, Vodafone.  John Robson advised that Barry proceed with caution as he was aware of difficulties encountered by others regarding similar installations in the past.


3          Treasurer’s Report


a)         No typed report available as Margaret has not been well.  In summary Margaret stated that we had not overspent last year but she will need to analyse the accounts in further detail prior to the AGM.


b)         Parish Share this year is £41,346.  An increase of 1.5% over 2015.


c)         Renewal forms received for CCL Licences.  Meeting to be arranged with Treasurer to check what each Church requires.



4          Occasional Office Fees


a)         Darryl explained background to fee payment in the Parish for funerals and weddings.  Darryl had been told by the Bishop that he should not be handling any fees.  All should be dealt with via the Treasurer.  From now on all fees will be passed to Margaret who will then distribute as required to Church, Bell Ringers, Verger, Choir, Organist and Diocese.


b)         Collection in Churches at weddings and funerals are dealt with as before within the Church by the Church Treasurer.


c)         Vergers will need to let Margaret know when they have undertaken duties.  Margaret will then raise a cheque.


5          St Nicholas Fair and Christmas Services


a)         St Nicholas Fair

Margaret thanked all who helped, especially Doreen, Daphne, Eileen and Joyce.  Meeting to be held to review the event.  Takings were £2,150, up £400 on last year.  The Blind Auction for the Yorke Arms dinner, bed and breakfast had raised £250.  Darryl has visited Yorke Arms and thanked them for their donation.


b)         Christmas services review


            St Chad’s Church

            Christingle was poorly attended, five children only.  However, the Carol Service was a great success.


            St Cuthbert’s Church

            Christingle was very well attended, 200 or so.


            St Michael’s Church

            Forty attended Christingle.


            St Mary’s Church, Greenhow

            Christmas Eve Service was well attended.


            Bewerley Grange Chapel

            Carols by Candlelight, once again a great success with a full house.


            St Mary’s Church, Ramsgill

            Christmas Service went well and well attended.  Darryl assured John he would attend next year’s Christmas Fair at Ramsgill.  John to provide Darryl with date for his diary.


6          Reports from Organisations


a)         Church in the Dale

            The following items reported:

                        1          Week of Christian Unity commences next week.  See Source for details.

2          Lent Courses start 11 February 2016.  These are Pilgrim Courses at St Cuthbert’s Church at 7.00pm.  Let Darryl know if you wish to attend.

3          Holy Week plans were agreed at CITD meeting.

4          Bell Festival at St Chad’s Church.  Bishop Nick is to attend.

5          Maundy Thursday meal in St Cuthbert’s Church.

6          Easter Story Trail will be held in the Methodist Church.  School will attend through the day, weekend and evening for adults.

7          Ceilidh 6 February 2016 in the Memorial Hall.


            b)         Deanery Synod

            Kath reported on a lovely Synod three course meal at the meeting.  Encouraging words from Bishop Nick and information on new arrangements for faculties which should be easier.


c)         Pastoral Team

            Met on 12 January 2016.  Six members on the Team.  Regular visits to Nydsley.  Home Communion is available for the sick.  Let Philip know if anyone requires this.


7          Correspondence




8          Church Wardens’ Reports


            St Chad's Church

            3.00pm Café Church at How Stean on 17 January and 21 February 2016.  28 February 2016 Nidd Chorale Evensong at the Church.  Memorial plaque progressing.  Trap door blown open on tower to be inspected.


            St Michael’s Church

            £200 sent to Children’s Society following Christmas Service.  Lovely wedding before Christmas.  St Valentine Café Church theme in February 2016.


            St Mary’s Church, Greenhow

            31 January 2016 Candlemass Service 6.30pm.  Hymns on the Hill 27 March 2016 with band.


            St Mary’s Church, Ramsgill

            Treasurer’s duties now with John.  Maintaining attendances.  Wedding booked for June 2016.


            St Cuthbert’s Church

            Third All Age Service now held which incorporates the Genesis Service.  Plough Service with dancing from Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers, Sunday 17 January 2016.  Roof repairs ongoing.  Water in the organ could cost up to £5,000 to repair.  Disabled access path ongoing, to be smooth resin bonded.  Path around Brownies’ Garden will be removed.  Some concern expressed with resin finish in winter.  Parish Quiz to be 14 May 2016.


9          AOB


a)         Fire extinguisher now provided to Vicarage.  Maintained by St Cuthbert’s Church, paid for by PCC.


b)         £200 sent to Cumbria Flood Appeal.  £140 via Organ Recital.  £50 sent to RABI.


c)         Fundraising suggestion by John Hayton; Paper Aeroplane Competition.  Following the example of St Andrew’s Church in Devon.  Possible joint event St Cuthbert’s Church and PCC.  All asked to consider.


15        Next Meeting

            Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at 7.30pm at St Cuthbert’s Church.