a) July 2013

Minutes of Meeting of the Upper Nidderdale PCC on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 at St Cuthbert’s Church



Revd Darryl Hall, Martin Imeson, Katrina Brayshaw, Sharelle Henderson, Sue Beever, Rev Philip Clarke, Daphne Clay, Kath Gill, John Hayton, Paul Kirkbright, Linda Moore, Barry Nuttall, Doreen Prince, Joan Ravilious, Jean Robinson, John Robson, Julia Thompson, Audrey Walker and Peter Wright.


  1. Apologies Eileen Bain and Jenny Spruce


  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Daphne Clay, seconded by Kath Gill and were unanimously approved. There were no matters arising.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer said that payment to the Diocese was up to date and confirmed the amount to be paid is £39,936. All churches with the exception of Ramsgill were up to date with payments to the PCC. There is £5,885.05 in the account. A new bank mandate must be signed with two signatures required from Martin, Darryl and Katrina.


  1. Looking Ahead

Darryl said that before looking ahead he would like to look back by thanking everyone for the warm welcome, before arriving and since moving in, which has enabled him and his family to slot in so easily. The Induction Service was out of this world and would remain with him for ever and he was very grateful for all the gifts. He also wished to express thanks to Father Peter for his work and said that he is very much in our thoughts at what must be a difficult time.

Weddings, Funerals and Baptism Policy

Darryl said that you understood that it had been the policy to not allow divorced people to marry in the churches and this was something he wished to change. He said that the Bishop’s policy is to ask whether the relationship had caused the break up and if there were children were they been looked after. As there was no objection to this change of policy it was carried unanimously.

Darryl asked that if there was any contact regarding weddings or baptisms that these be directed to him. He would, of course, notify churchwardens of any such events.

Regarding baptisms, Darryl said that the Diocesan policy was that permission should be asked of the parish priest where people live and if agreement given then he would be happy to conduct a baptism.

Darryl said that he is happy to be contacted by telephone and does have an answerphone. He asked that, if possible, meal times be avoided and he would normally not answer the phone before 9am or after 9pm.

With regard to occasional office fees he said there was no problem with funerals and baptisms but felt that some changes were needed regarding wedding fees. It was agreed that the flower ladies should be offered the £65 fee.

Blessings are the same as marriages without the banns and certificate, it is at the discretion of the priest to waive fee to Diocese.

Martin said that Bewerley Chapel is not licenced for weddings.

Darryl said that he would like fees to be paid in cash in separate envelopes for ease of distribution.

He hoped that in the near future he would organise confirmation classes.

He also wished to discuss at a future meeting admission of baptised to communion.

Harvest Festivals

Following discussion with Wilsill it had been agreed that as 29th September was a fifth Sunday a united service should be held at St Michael’s & All Angels. This will be the Harvest Service at 10am.

St Cuthbert’s Church will be 22nd September

Greenhow on 6th October at 6.30pm

Ramsgill on 13th October at 9am

Bewerley do not have a harvest service but hold an evensong on the Sunday of the Flower Festival on 25th August.

Charity Festival

John (Hayton) reported on the Charity Festival on 21st July and it was agreed this was such a good opportunity to publicise what we do and give a positive view of the church. John outlined the afternoon and confirmed it would finish with a service at approximately 3.30pm. A space had been allocated to the PCC and it was agreed that this should be used to promote the churches. Sue offered to do a brief leaflet outlining church services and activities – all information must be sent to her by the next weekend as time was running out. It was felt that a prayer tree would be a good idea, Judy to look into this.

Darryl extended gratitude to the Outreach Team who had worked so hard in organising the Charity Festival and wished them well.


John expressed his great concerns for the future of the churches and said that we must be looking to improve congregations, get out in the open, serve the community and promote Christianity. He felt that the individual churches could no longer stand on their own and must be together.

Darryl responded by saying change will happen but he did not want to rush things. He said we would work things out together and worship as a parish.

It was agreed that we must look at the four strategy working groups again – Pastoral and Community, Outreach, Worship, Finance and Fabric.


  1. Old St Mary’s Church

A request had been received from Joanne Moody asking for the approval of the PCC to go ahead and place the Findlay plaque inside the tower gate. All other concerned 'bodies' agreed it should be returned to the churchyard and that is the safest place for it. Katrina proposed, Julia seconded that this should go ahead, this was carried unanimously.

Martin said he had also heard from Joanne in relation to a new book she is planning asking if she could use material from Muriel Swires’ guide book. Agreement to this was unanimous. Sharelle will write to Joanne.


  1. Deanery Synod   

Barry reported that a meeting had taken place at St Cuthbert’s on 4th June relating to Messy Church and Godly Play.

The Deanery Synod had £3,000 and had agreed to send a charitable donation of £500 to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

The General Synod is meeting in York when the reorganisation of the Yorkshire Diocese will hopefully be decided.


  1. Correspondence

A letter had been received from the Diocese Education Team relating to becoming a governor of church schools. At present there are no vacancies in the two church schools.


  1. Any Other Business

Darryl said that Eileen MacLean had conducted a special service at St Cuthbert’s on what was her 25th anniversary of becoming a deacon. He wished to minute the gratitude of the PCC to both Jim and Eileen for all their hard work and wished them well for their future in DorsetA.


Church printing – as the AONB needed extra room it would be no longer possible to house the printer in their office. There was some confusion about where printing would now be done and Martin said it was hoped to get some funding from Church in the Dale to purchase an appropriate copier. Martin and Darryl would look into the funding and the purchasing of a copier, it was agreed that this would have to be done without referring back to the PCC.


Katrina said that she would order raffle tickets for St Nicholas Fair which this year will be on Saturday, 7th December.


Judy asked that anyone who has contact with children to let her know.


  1. Future Meetings

Darryl handed out a list of future meetings.

Thursday, 12th September

Wednesday 13th November

Wednesday 15th January

Wednesday 19th March

Wednesday 9th April

Wednesday 7th May


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.20pm


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