July 2014

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 7.30pm on 9th July 2014 at St Cuthbert’s Church



Revd Darryl Hall         John Hayton               Margaret Mitchell        Sharelle Henderson Eileen Bain                     Revd Philip Clarke      Daphne Clay               Kath Gill         

John Hone                  Revd David Hutchin   Barry Nuttall                Doreen Prince

Jean Robinson            Audrey Walker            Helen Wright               Peter Wright               


Apologies: Sue Beever, Paul Kirkbright, Gavin Lewis, John Robson, Stephen Ramsden, Jenny Spruce and Julia Thompson


Minutes of PCC Meeting 7th May 2014

The Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously accepted, proposed by Peter Wright, seconded by Kath Gill.


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


Treasurer and Finance Report

Margaret reported that there were a few issues with Barclays Bank and the mandate had still not been sorted. Also the Diocesan share had been paid twice and two cheques for Sharon Press had gone astray. She would continue to persevere and hopefully at the next meeting will report that all issues have been resolved and be able to give an up to date account statement.


Desert Island Disc Event

The evening had been a huge success and Darryl wished to record his thanks and said how much he had enjoyed himself. There had been some very good feedback and a profit of £804 had been made. It was agreed that in future more people be involved in helping, particularly on the day, thanks were extended to everyone who helped and to all who attended making it such a success.


Trip to Lindisfarne

There were 55 people booked and paid with 36 others on the list – Margaret to contact and confirm they are going. Both the walks are full. It had been agreed that children from within the parish would be paid for by PCC, this to be mentioned to regular church goers. Margaret said that she felt there should be someone who was not going on the trip that could be a point of contact.


Deanery Synod

Darryl expressed thanks to Barry for his long time as representative for the parish as well as being secretary to the Deanery Synod over many years. Barry reported that the last meeting was held at St Mary’s Masham on ministry in a rural community.


Vision for Mission

  • Live video streaming – Darryl gave details of this new venture which he felt would be more appropriate for St Cuthbert’s but may be suitable for other churches. Arthur Rank Foundation is supporting this with the idea that services would be videod and transmitted into care homes, hospitals etc. Following discussion it was agreed that Darryl contact John Carter and invite him to a future PCC meeting. It was also pointed that this could be a sensitive issue and that permission may have to be sort prior to recording. Darryl to speak with Brian Ives, the choir and St Cuthbert’s Committee before proceeding further.
  • Compassion UK HG1000 – the aim is to lift 1000 children in Africa out of poverty and supply safe and clean water by raising money from HG post code. The Church in the Dale Songs of Praise service held at St Cuthbert’s had been well attended. The whole issue of charity giving was discussed and it was appreciated that most people give to their special charities and that the PCC could not be prescriptive on how much or where individuals give their money. It was agreed that the PCC should look at the accounts at the end of the year and hopefully would be in a position to give to selected charities. This is an issue that needs further discussion and consideration so it was suggested that it should be looked at again with suggestions on the best ways of helping charities.
  • Welcome Pack – Darryl said that the Welcome Pack was now complete and he felt it was an excellent resource giving details of churches, services and personnel. As the packs will be high quality it was felt that details that may be altered such as churchwardens, times of services, would  be better on a separate sheet rather than on the pack. It was agreed that the packs could be directed at newcomers, baptisms, weddings etc but as they were expensive not just left in churches. Darryl to send out the completed pack format to PCC for consideration before going to print.
  • Pilgrim Course – this is a course to nurture people in the parish. The two ordinands had expressed concern that the youth were not much involved in the parish. The course will discuss the creed and will be a place of fellowship to talk and pray. Each course is six weeks and will be low key. Confirmation date of 19th April 2014 has been set and it was agreed that as most people involved in the church are already confirmed different ways of advertising the confirmation course must be looked at, ie social media as well as the usual Source and Flock Sheet. It was thought that the courses may be run as house meetings, such as those that take place in Lent.



A notice had been received from the Diocese about 2014 Diocesan Retreat to be held at Wydale Hall, Brompton by Sawdon in August.


Any Other Business

John Hayton said there was going to be a Charity Festival on 5th July. There will be Church of England, Methodist and Catholic representatives involved in the planning. He said it was in the early stages of organisation and would report again.

John Hone mentioned the Church in the Dale tent at the Agricultural Show and asked that a board advertising that it was a church tent be placed outside.

Margaret said she had details of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in November where there were a few places available and anyone interested should get in touch with her.


Meeting closed at 9.45pm