July 2015

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale.

PCC Meeting15th.July 2015 7.30pm at St Cuthbert’s Church. 



Rev.Darryl Hall, John Hayton, Elaine Hodgson, Audrey Walker, Kath Gill. Daphne Clay, Jean Robinson, Rod Goodall, Barry Nuttall, Stuart Hattan.



Dorren Prince, John Robson, Julia Thompson, Margaret Mitchell. Celia Morris, Philip Clarke.


The meeting was opened with prayers by Rev. Darryl.


A warm welcome was extended to Stuart Hatton who was co-opted to join PCC this was proposed by Audrey and seconded by John.


Minutes of meeting held on 13/5/2015.

Agreed. Proposed by Kath, seconded by Rod.


Matters Arising

No matters arising.


Any Other Business- to be identified here and discussed later.

Report Charity Festival

Quiz night Greenhow

Tickets for new Bishop of Richmond inauguration


Treasurer and Finance Report

Balance £4623 of which £1100 fun club and youth event grant from the Church in the Dales


Deanery Synod

80 people attended the interfaith talk at St. Cuthbert’s lounge on 19/5/2015, where the speakers spoke about theirs and other faiths. Thanks were given to John and Ann Shackleton and Bev Spence for providing a lovely supper.

There is space available for 30 people to attend the Deanery Synod trip to a retreat in Mirfield on 8/8/2015. Coaches will leave from Ripon.

Parish Working Teams

Mission-Plan 4 Growth (see APCM Parishoner’s feedback)

Community-Church in the Dale Pastoral (Sick visiting-Baptism and Bereavement Befrienders) Fresh Expressions-helping to plan community events

Worship - Helping to plan Specials (eg Cafe Church, Christmas/Easter)

Discipleship-Helping to enhance, develop or possibly explore different nurture courses and being befrienders/encourages/mentors. Youth ministry (Admission of Baptised to Communion).

Need to recruit people from the congregation to help with the above. Rod suggested handing out flyers as well as mentioning this need at the various services. Rev. Darryl asked if Rod could help in this matter.

Quiet Day27/7/2015 10am to 4pm.

Rev. Paul Skirrow is holding a quiet day on “How our understanding of God and his kingdom grow” at Fellbeck House. Rev. Darryl is looking forward to having Rev. Paul on the team. Rev. Paul can offer help on one Sunday per month and Wednesdays as required.

Source Administration

Jean Ogden is resigning from being administrator but will be staying on to help in advertising. Will need to fill this position

Faculty - St.Chad’s  Middlesmoor War Memorial Tablets on North Wall and St. Cuthbert’s Pateley Bridge Level Access

The PCC support St Chad’s in their application for a faculty to erect War Memorial Plaques. Proposed Kath, seconded Audrey. Carried unanimously.

The PCC support St Cuthbert’s in their application for a level access resin bonded new surface path with handrails and lighting. Proposed Daphne, seconded Jean. Carried unanimously.


Linsay handed over safeguarding role to Jane Spooner, but she will continue to help if needed. The safe guarding policy was proposed by John, seconded  by Rod.



Nidderdale plus asked if we could confirm the date of St. Nick’s Christmas Fair so it could go out on a flyer now to promote  this event. This was confirmed.

Patrons of St. Barnabas, Lingfield, Surrey asked for donations for repairs to their Chapel but as St. Cuthbert’s also needs repair work carrying out this was declined.

Date on Next Meeting

This will be on 9th.September 7.30 pm at St. Cuthbert’s.

Any Other Business

Rev. Darryl has tickets for the forthcoming consecration of Paul Slater as the new Bishop of Richmond. This is the first time a consecration has been held at Ripon for 800 years. Please see Rev. Darryl if you would like a ticket.

John explained that a quiz night would take place at St. Mary’s Greenhow on 18/7/2017 at 7.30pm. for church funds. Supper would be provided but to bring desserts to share.

Charity Festival - John thanked people for their help-particularly Stuart and Kath. 30 charities each took approx. £80 in donations. Car parking donations were £550, £150 went to the band, 50% to showground for use. Church in the Dale tea tent raised £254. Will need more volunteers for next event and to provide more seating in tea tent.


Closing prayers were said by Rev. Darryl.