c) November 2013 PCC Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of the Upper Nidderdale PCC on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at St Cuthbert’s Church, Pateley Bridge



Revd Darryl Hall, Katrina Brayshaw, Sharelle Henderson, Eileen Bain, Judy Buller, Daphne Clay, Kath Gill, John Hayton, Paul Kirkbright, Celia Morris, Barry Nuttall, Joan Ravilious, Jean Robinson, John Robson, Jenny Spruce, Julia Thompson and Audrey Walker


  1. Apologies Sue Beever, Revd David Hutchin, Martin Imeson, Doreen Prince, Stephen Ramsden and Peter Wright


  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 12th September


  1. Matters Arising

The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Joan Ravilious, seconded by Daphne Clay and were unanimously approved.

  1. Chancel Repair Liability – the Diocese has scrapped this and no church can claim.
  2. Bewerley Roof Repairs – still awaiting Foxton & Hardcastle
  3. Café Church, Wilsill and Quiet Day, Ramsgill. The Café Church was a wonderful day with 40 people with live music, drama, tales from the Dales, quiz. The theme was “Jesus says I am the good shepherd”. The next Café Church will be on 8th February with guest speaker Bishop James with the theme of “Lost sheep”. Ramsgill Quiet Day despite a miserable day had 20 people and it would be nice to repeat in the summer.
  4. Website – the new site is up and running. Darryl encouraged everyone to look at the site which is easy to navigate and comments would be welcome.
  5. Yorkshire Historic Trust Special Jubilee Grant – Darryl to look at this and report back to next meeting.
  6. Darryl at each of the six churches at least once a month – rota for 2014 means that this should be possible especially with the change of timings for Greenhow and Middlesmoor.


  1. AOB – John Hayton wished to minute that Greenhow is now in a much better financial position, mainly thanks to Doreen and friends’ fundraising efforts and the extra services, plus the support from everyone. The next Celtic Eucharist will be held on 24th November at 6.30pm.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that it had been a turbulent time mainly because of changing banks. All standing orders ceased with the changeover. The account stands at £3,882 but cheques had been received from the churches. The share to the Diocese is up to date. Katrina will email treasurers to arrange a meeting in early December to sort out the share allocation for 2014.

Following the article in Source a volunteer had come forward to be treasurer – Margaret Mitchell. Katrina proposed that Margaret be co-opted on to the PCC as assistant treasurer until the AGM. Daphne seconded this proposal and it was carried unanimously. 


  1. Mission Shaped Ministry 

This is a one year course by the Diocese for lay pioneer ministry, and is church outside the four walls with fantastic teachers and inspirational speakers. Darryl broke down the costs of the course and felt that this should be split between the Diocese, the parish and the individual. There are three people who wish to do the course – Linsey Pooley, Sue Beever and Peter Wright. It was unanimously agreed that the PCC gives support of £150 to the three.


  1. Diocesan Reader

Bishop James has agreed that Celia can give communion by extension at Wilsill on Christmas Morning. There will be a period of preparation.


  1. Potential New Diocesan Reader

Darryl said that Richard Pooley had shown interest in becoming a Diocesan Reader. Richard is doing a degree in theology and is going to do some music style worship at St Cuthbert’s. Following discussion it was agreed that becoming a Reader takes hard work academically and spiritually plus a commitment from the parish as well as the individual. It was agreed that looking to the future another Reader would be good and it was suggested that an article be placed in Source explaining what a Reader does and asking if there is any interest from the congregations. It was felt that Richard should show commitment to the Church of England by being confirmed and that he be given time to get to know the churches and the congregations get to know him.




  1. Confirmation Classes/Service

The classes will start on 20th January with the service on 4th May conducted by Bishop James. This will be a joint service at St Cuthbert’s. A letter and form is available for candidates.


  1. 2014 United Services

Paul asked that Bewerley be included in the joint services, Wilsill ladies said as they were hosting the Café Church they would give up their date.

6th April                 Bewerley

4th May                 St Cuthbert’s

29th June               Middlesmoor

31st August            Greenhow

30th November        Ramsgill


  1. Correspondence

A letter had been received from Bishop James regarding Bishop John’s retirement asking for a donation towards a gift of appreciation to John and Barbara. Jenny proposed, Eileen seconded that £100 be sent from the PCC which was agreed. A Thanksgiving Service for Bishop John’s Ministry has been arranged for 5th January at 3pm.


  1. Church Fabric Reports

St Cuthbert’s – Barry reported that an extra coat rail suitable for children had been put up and that the clock had been repaired but it was noted that the clock was slow.

Middlesmoor – the large leaking pipe in vestry has not been sorted, Eileen asking for quotes.

Ramsgill – electrical work carried out but still some items outstanding from the quinqennial.

Greenhow – work to clock done but the windows will be an ongoing problem.

Wilsill – problems with heaters.


  1. St Nicholas Fair

Arrangements well in hand and there will be a small band. St Cuthbert’s children will sing, Darryl (with friend) will open the Fair. It is important to sell as many raffle tickets as possible.


  1. Reports from Organisations
  1. Church in the Dale – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th January – 26th January with Songs of Praise at St Cuthbert’s on 26th January at 6.30pm
  2. Christian Aid Week will finish with Coffee Morning at St Cuthbert’s on 17th May


  1. Any Other Business

Oxford Film Company – Darryl said that at a recent wedding at Middlesmoor he had been approached by a creative producer from the Oxford Film Company who had shown an interest in doing a documentary on ministry in the Dale. This is very much in the early stages but there was slight concern about what the film company would be looking for and it was agreed that this could be an opportunity to promote the Dale but should also be treated with caution. Darryl will keep the PCC informed.

Poppy Appeal Donations – Darryl enquired about the policy on collections taken on Remembrance Day. It was agreed that this should be a decision taken by each individual church.


  1. Future Meetings

Wednesday 15th January

Wednesday 19th March

Wednesday 9th April

Wednesday 7th May


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.05pm


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