b) September 2013

Minutes of Meeting of the Upper Nidderdale PCC on Thursday 12th September 2013
at St Michael’s & All Angels, Wilsill



Revd Darryl Hall, Martin Imeson, Katrina Brayshaw, Sharelle Henderson, Eileen Bain, Sue Beever, Revd Philip Clarke, Daphne Clay, Kath Gill, John Hayton, John Hone, Paul Kirkbright, Revd David Hutchin, Barry Nuttall, Doreen Prince, Joan Ravilious, Jean Robinson, Jenny Spruce, Julia Thompson and Peter Wright.


  1. Apologies Celia Morris and Stephen Ramsden


  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Joan Ravilious, seconded by Daphne Clay and were unanimously approved. Revd David Hutchin had attended but was not listed as being present.

  1. Charities Festival – Darryl said how successful this had been and wished to record thanks to the Outreach team for all their hard work. There had been positive feedback and input on what was a wonderful day
  2. Printer/Scanner/Copier – Darryl reported that this was now in the Vicarage and anyone wishing to use it should get in touch with him
  3. Raffle Tickets for St Nicholas Fair – Katrina had the tickets and these were to be distributed to each church. She emphasised how important it was to sell as many raffle tickets as possible before the event. The Fundraising Committee – Katrina, Daphne, Doreen, Paul and Sharelle would meet and finalise details of St Nicholas Fair


  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer said that payment to the Diocese was up to date. Katrina confirmed that the Parish Share would not be increased for 2014 but said that a voluntary contribution of £637 had been requested and she felt that the PCC should agree to this small amount as this money goes towards ministry and mission. She felt that this should be split between the six churches. Barry suggested that St Cuthbert’s could pay half, leaving the other five churches to split the difference. Following much discussion it was agreed that the PCC should pay this amount as the share had not been increased and the Diocese need to budget. Katrina proposed that £637 should be paid to the Diocese and on being put to the vote there was 17 for the proposal, with 3 abstentions. It was agreed that there is a much wider discussion to be held by the PCC on how some churches will survive with dwindling congregations and extra costs.

Following the imminent closure of HSBC Katrina said she wished to transfer the PCC accounts to Barclays Bank in Pateley Bridge. Katrina proposed, Barry seconded that the transfer should be done and this was carried unanimously. Katrina said it was up to each church to decide on changing, Wilsill already bank with Barclays and St Cuthbert’s were transferring. Katrina reported that there was a new government scheme to assist with changeovers.

Katrina, Barry and Daphne had attended a course relating to the Gift Aid changes. There will be a number of advantages in the new scheme and a meeting will be called of all the treasurers in early October to discuss and to implement best practice. 


  1. Middlesmoor/Lofthouse Harvest Festival

This service had not been finalised at the last meeting but will be held on 6th October at Lofthouse Methodist Chapel and as the chapel is closing this will be the last service to be held there.


  1. Joint Methodist/Anglican Services         

Darryl reported that he had been meeting with Nigel Waterfield and it is hoped to have more joint services with the Methodists. It is hoped that there will be an afternoon joint service at Middlesmoor on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2.30pm.

Darryl pointed the meeting to a piece in Together by Bishop James regarding the new rural strategy.


  1. Chancel Repair Liability

Darryl said that there will be a meeting at St Andrews, Kirby Malzeard on 18th September to discuss this matter, he and Barry will attend and report back. It was agreed that it would be pastoral suicide to claim against anyone but this may become something that could not be avoided. Barry said that the Deanery Synod had received concerns from parishes. John Hayton said that anyone who had bought a house in the last 25 years would have been advised to take out an indemnity which Philip said he had been recommended to do. Martin asked whether our churches will be liable and it was agreed that this should be checked.


  1. New Diocese

Darryl said that he could do no better than to refer the meeting to Together where there was a Roadmap to West Yorkshire and the Dales Diocese stating that the new diocese will come into being next Easter.


  1. Christmas Services

Darryl handed out a leaflet detailing the Christmas Services and asked the meeting to look through and report back to him with any suggestions or alterations.

Bishop James has agreed to take the 2nd February service at Bewerley and the 4th May at St Cuthbert’s. Darryl has also asked if he could do the Christmas Service at Bewerley.


  1. Church Fabric Reports

Bewerley – it is hoped that the north side of the chapel will be reroofed as soon as possible. Foxtons had been let down by contractors.

Greenhow – the roof repairs highlighted in the quinqennial have been done which is why there is such a financial problem. John said he had asked Hansons, who have been very generous in the past, but had not received a reply. It is hoped to have more regular services at Greenhow which would help the financial situation.

Wilsill – no known problems.

St Cuthbert’s – there had been a number of requirements from the quinquennial which were being done.

Middlesmoor – there is a large leaking pipe in vestry which has been a problem for some time.

Ramsgill – nothing to report


Darryl said that each of the churches had a distinctive flavour and it was hoped to have special services and events at each. Middlesmoor – the joint Methodist/Anglican services, Ramsgill – the Quiet Day, Bewerley – is a unique place, Wilsill – the Café Church, Greenhow – Celtic Communion Services and St Cuthbert’s – runs itself.


  1. Reports from Organisations
  1. Church in the Dale – Darryl said it had a great web site but hard to use. There is a new web site which is a work in progress

The Pastoral Committee would like to know who visits and Philip emphasised that it is better to have someone down twice than not at all.

Matthew is organising a Nativity at Birchfield Farm and it is hoped to have a Christmas Event again at the Auction Mart.


  1. Correspondence

An update had been received from Harrogate Borough Council on the Fountain at Pateley Bridge Cemetery.

Andy Ryland sent an email relating to the proposal to reduce the support for local bus services including some school transport services. Sharelle was asked to send out details to PCC members.

A letter had been received regarding Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust Special Jubilee Grant and it was agreed to discuss this at a future meeting.


  1. Any Other Business

Julia mentioned that there had been a request from the Bewerley congregation for Darryl as the “main man” to take their services. Darryl said he could make no promises as he is doing his best to get around all the churches.

        Philip said he thought the evening services were different and may encourage new congregations.

Katrina said that at the AGM she had given notice of her intention to retire at the end of 2013. She asked that a new treasurer be sought so she could give a three month handover before the next AGM.

        Community Bus – Doreen said that the new bus could be used for the joint church services.

John Hayton said that it was sad to hear about Lofthouse Chapel closing and felt that it was important to help save Wath Chapel.

        The Clay leaflet had been received and will be available in church.

A letter had been received from Bishop John saying that following the forthcoming establishment of the West Yorkshire and the Dales Diocese he will be retiring on 31st January, 2014, with his last day of work in the diocese being 31st December 2013.


  1. Future Meetings

Wednesday 13th November

Wednesday 15th January

Wednesday 19th March

Wednesday 9th April

Wednesday 7th May


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.00pm


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